The toy car. It's a staple in every boy's treasure chest. It's hard to explain why, but we naturally gravitate towards these little cars from a young age. You see it everywhere - the toddler who always carries at least a handful of cars with him to the restaurant. I was one of them. And we never really grow out of it. We still love our cars, whether they're life-sized or miniature. 

Every automotive enthusiast has more than a handful of cars he or she would like to own. Collecting diecast is an instantly attainable way to achieve that dream, and then some. It was a routine trip to the grocery store that brought back the childhood memories and reignited the passion. There it was: a black Ferrari Enzo, one of my favorite cars ever, staring back at me from the end of the aisle, daring me to take it home. 

Which I did.

So that's how the obsession begins...

Fast-forward a decade later and just about every car I could ever want, I have, in some form or another. After all, that's the point, right?

But then things get crazy. You start collecting cars that you don't even know about. You chase after every variation of a particular model that you love. You want it in every color of the rainbow as well. There's always the elusive, limited-edition pieces that keep you on the hunt. The hobby eventually spawns other endeavors within itself: custom projects, dioramas, photography, blogging, trading, you name it. 

This blog is merely a glimpse of the insanity. Here you will find my two favorite scales of the diecast world: 1/18 and 1/64. Or, as I like to call them, big cars and small cars.